Isola del Castello – Kim Falconer

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I recall being a bit surprised when i came to realise other people could look at a flat-topped mountain & not immediately populate it with a great castle, or see a craggy cliff face & not wonder what mythical creatures might lurk there…
This image evolved from my original vision, even more than most, over the course of a few weeks.
It has almost 50 components in it, with most of them getting a couple of adjustment layers. Finding just the right ‘bits’ from my extensive & compulsively gathered collections was a big part of the job.
I ended up with West Coast rocks, East Coast waves, white-fronted terns from Motueka & random assorted building bits. The PSD is 1.65Gb.
When someone asks me “Where is that place?” I’m tempted to say “Somewhere between the Atlantic Ocean & a strange recess in my mind”

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  6 Responses to “Isola del Castello – Kim Falconer”

  1. Hi Kim, thanks for sharing this image, enjoyable.

  2. Kim I think your image is absolutely fantastic, I am in awe of your skill

  3. Kim, I love that your image has, on one level, a very straightforward drama but as we look deeper and deeper into it we start to reach in to the recesses of your mind, and in many ways our own too. I did not initially see the castle but the arrangements of the birds alerted me to something more so I looked and the more I looked the more the image shifted in its meaning to me – very well done. What initially began as a natural drama has turned into a mysterious journey of the mind. Awesome, thank you!

  4. Bruce has said it for me.

  5. Hi Kim, great to see this here!! I loved this image the first time I saw it. First I was grabbed by the drama – you totally sold the story with the composite. Then it takes some time to look deeper and wonder what the image is really telling.

  6. Very powerful, strong and majestic. This is a great creation that could be real and reality is what we see in our minds. Well done

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