Swan, Waiteti, May 2014

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Nov 112014
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There are a few words driving my photography at the moment.

Stillness is one of them.

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  8 Responses to “Swan, Waiteti, May 2014”

  1. Awesomeness is another.

  2. Well seen 🙂

  3. I LOVE this image Jen. I can’t believe how much my mind does when I look at the simplicity and stillness of it. When I stay with it and let my mind wander through the elements (of which there aren’t many) I get taken on a journey of my lessons in recent years. I am reminded of the considerations in my life as to what is real, the swan in the distance alludes to how far I have come in how I now answer that question and the imitation of it in the foreground reinforces the challenge that not all we think we see is actually how we perceive it. And then there is the reflection, on which side of the glass am I seeing?? Yes, I love this image.

  4. I love it too – but Paulines amazing response was way too deep for me to think of….

    I immediately thought “this is “Nessie” in lake Rotorua!!”

  5. Jen, I was thinking ….. and then I saw Pauline’s comment. I can’t add much more except to add my appreciation of this image. I love that it is so so simple and yet it says so much. My mission is always to eliminate everything except what it is that I want to say – easier said than done. You did it here! Well done.

  6. Great image Jenny that certainly expresses stillness. I hope you have printed it and have it hanging where you see it frequently. I have just read the book “Happiness by Design” and this would be an example of designing your environment to bring in more happiness (well-being). The book’s theme is based around the 3 D’s – Decide what experiences make you happier, Design to bring more of those about, Do (what you have designed).
    What I like about stillness is that it acutely increases awareness of the moment. A great space to be in.
    Thanks Jenny.

  7. I echo all of the above. Another word I would use is “gentle”.

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