The Goodbye

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Nov 052014
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There is currently a challenge being put out to photographers to post a black and white image for 5 consecutive days, and on each day another photographer is named to participate in the continuing challenge of posting images. Black and White imagery is not something I have explored to any great depth,so I am interested to see how I wanted to respond to the challenge. I agree with Scott Fowler that a good black and white image should be able to tell a story.

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  8 Responses to “The Goodbye”

  1. This is absolutely beautiful Pauline. A very special moment. A moment to be treasured.

  2. Very powerful

    • And sad too. We all have to cope with similar events and this image creates very strong emotions. But I think it is also gentle

  3. Pauline, I have taken my time over this image. For me it is the ultimate of private moments and I have struggled to make myself engage because of my cultural background. BUT, when I did allow myself to “loosen up” I can’t help but feel that it is the ultimate special moment. I can’t feel sad because she looks ready and what an adventure could be beginning and what love is being offered for the start of the next journey. This is sensitive, gentle, compassionate, exciting (am I allowed to say that?). Black and white is perfect for this as it strips away all the extraneous stuff and allows us to focus on what is important, your tones have left a gentle feel. I am totally absorbed by the emotion of your image. I am in awe that you made this, and shared it.

    • I think it is comments such as those you have expressed here that help to illustrate why we are moved to use our cameras to reflect the emotions we feel about our lives. It is the ability to express ourselves in both images and words that makes me glad there is no “like” button on this site.

  4. Brave and beautiful Pauline. Thank you for sharing it with us

  5. just a fantastic image. so much captured.

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