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We were staying with a Helpx host near the tiny Italian village of San Polo, about an hour north of Rome. A friend had told her of a group of photographers who were photographing in the village, and we were invited along to watch. Unfortunately, we missed most of the action because it was happening in the morning and we didn’t arrive until about midday, when the villagers were cleaning up and the photographers settling down for an early team lunch, provided by the villagers. And they invited us to join them for lunch!! The room we entered was carved out of rock – a large, long room, with stairs leading down to a basement. The food was simple but amazing – I hope I never forget the cannelloni, which was made by the elderly mother of one of the women who was helping with serving the meal. And of course there was wine – we’d already visited the press, seen the barrels, and enjoyed a tasting.
This entertaining Italian was one of the photographers. He’d been wandering around the room, taking photos of everyone present and was happy to have me photograph him. The photographic group was from Rome. Each year they visit three different villages, a few times each over the year, then have an exhibition at the end of the year. They’re recording the life of each of these villages. The villagers are obviously ‘in’ on the deal. They open up their homes and businesses, practice their crafts and host the photographers, giving them opportunities to photograph their lives. Sounds like a wonderful project to me. Salute!

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  1. “Cheers” Vicki! We do need to document our lives and times AND PRINT the images in exhibitions or books or our history will be lost forever! What a great project these photographers are doing. There is a great movement now for photographers to do that. And some of us locals are doing and have done this. ANd some have done it as a group and others in solo situations. I look forward to YOUR and Nigel’s books of your travels! Great portrait

  2. What a wonderful experience Vicki. I love your people stories and associated portrait. Very inspiring.

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