The Hill on Moonlight Road

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Nov 032014
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I noticed the hill in the distance as we entered the valley – well I would wouldn’t I, as it had a lone tree on top.

The next day I had a bit of time so I decided to go and find it and drove back to where I first saw the hill. Then I took a side road that went generally towards it – but it was a dead end… So I took another , and another.

Eventually I was close enough to compose an uninspiring image with my longest telephoto lens. I looked, didn’t take the shot but I did notice that there was a car driving past on a nearby road. So, I thought, you can drive there……

Out with the smart phone, google maps, orientate things …….. and ..

The road was called “Moonlight Road” and by backtracking about 10km and turning east I can drive straight there.

The hunt was fun and, I think, worth it.

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  6 Responses to “The Hill on Moonlight Road”

  1. It was great image thanks for sharing.

  2. I’m glad you stuck with the hunt. I love these latest versions of the tree and I’m glad you’ve shared it with us.

  3. Great composition, enhanced by the treatment.

  4. The hunt was definitely worthy it! Love this one!

  5. I am pleased you haven’t totally given up on “lone trees”. But this image to me is as much about the light and the bright rays and the space for the tree to survive as it is about the tree. There must be a positive metaphor there somewhere. And also ditto to all the above. How long ago did you make this image???

  6. Ian, a hunt worth the effort. For me, looking right into the light and still having all the warmth of the foreground and the hill with a tree makes me feel so content, warm, last rays of sun to enjoy as the intensity of the day fades away. Your treatment compliments the feeling and as always, your composition is spot on!

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