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Nov 022014
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Walking through the villages around Lake Como, these watering cans caught my eye. Italian alleyways have so much to be discovered and I could wander through them for hours. I like the way the cans reflect the Muybridge style of representing movement, or the stages of pouring.
As a student in the UK, I don’t get many opportunities to go out and explore the rest of the planet, but since I got my first DSLR in 2010 it has not left my side and I love to capture the small wonders of civilisation and natural life in my small world.
My Flickr page is here

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  4 Responses to “Watering Cans – Jessica Hayne”

  1. It was great to meet you in France Jessica! Your Flickr pages show you’re creating some very good images – wish I could have done as well way back when I was your age …

  2. I love the color of these watering cans and I can imagine them magically filling themselves and watering the garden

  3. Hi Jessica, great to have your work shared here and to be able to see your flickr page. Your comment “I love to capture the small wonders of civilisation and natural life in my small world” inspires me. We have so much to enjoy right under our noses and the smallest things tell us so much about the people and the world around us – we should never take anything for granted. Photography gives us the opportunity to see the familiar in such a different way. I love your image with the different stages of pouring and then the tap from which the source emerges – it is still running. A small slice of life you have captured tells us so much about someone, and that you noticed. I like that.

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