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Oct 302014
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Ian talked about yelling “stop” to the driver so he gets a chance to photograph some trees. I was the driver in this case but in that part of Scotland the roads are fairly narrow and have no shoulder to pull over onto. By the time I noticed the trees it was not possible to stop but as I kept driving I kept thinking “Ian would not give up this easily”. So about two miles later I was able to turn around and to find a farmers access road nearby to the trees.
The barren landscape of parts of Scotland led me, uncharacteristically, to make a few landscape images.

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  1. It may be uncharacteristically an image made in nature for you; but you have certainly imposed your graphic clean monochrome style on it. Superb IMHO

  2. Lovely John, so like one of your images but a different subject. Certain has gone through the Suckling filter. So glad you turned around.
    I’ve just been passed by a little red convertible doing 170kph with what looked like Ian Walls driving. He had his passport in his hand and was shouting “Get out of the road I need to get the first flight to Scotland, the buggers are stealing my trees”

  3. It was well worth the battle to capture this picture John.

    Not only is the main tree a beauty with tangled branches topped with fine leaves, the second on away in the mist adds depth to the image. Then the road adds yet another element to the story. It reminds me that most who pass this way are just concentrating on getting somewhere not on the beauty just outside the window.

    You are right Ferg – I need to head for Scotland. Im told they make nice whisky there as well.

  4. Magic! I had all these comments in my mind as I logged in – to find they’d all beaten me to it. The John filter well and truly. I love the white lines against the organic nature of the rest of the image.

  5. Wow – fantastic!

  6. Sigh……..sometimes it’s really daunting to think you can also post work worthy of standing alongside images like this.

  7. John, I love the way you see and then arrange in such unique ways, stripping away everything other than what you want us to see. I love this.

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