Oct 282014
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On a recent trip around the Fiordland coast I was taking as much interest in the clouds as the land. This has continued of the last few weeks with a shifting of my viewpoint. I am finding they are becoming a big part of my composition and am enjoying bringing out the subtle ( and sometimes not so) textures and shapes. Maybe the landscape is above the land.

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  4 Responses to “Fiordland Light – Graham Dainty”

  1. The clouds have certainly stolen the show here. But that said the land is also a huge part of the image in that it gives the picture a feeling of place. This is clearly Fiordland because of the landforms.

  2. Clouds give this drama. I also ike the line of light along the water which holds those great landforms above

  3. They compliment each other – love the painterly effect of the clouds here

  4. Graham, the light speaks to me. Something special about that light down there. Thanks for giving me itchy feet again …..

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