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Oct 232014
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I was in the passenger seat as we drove towards Middlemarch, where the South Island Pony Club 3 day event was being held.

Have you ever noticed that the view is different from the passenger seat and when you yell “STOP THE CAR!!” and dive over the back to get your camera some people can get a bit of a shock.

But there was a cool looking tree on the horizon……..

However it wasnt a problem for me in this case as the driver was a one of a kind and had the whole thing in hand.

Thanks Ferg!!!

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  3 Responses to “On the Skyline”

  1. I’ve found Ferg good like that too. Aren’t we blessed to have him.

  2. I like the balance of this image Ian. It reminds me of the relative insignificance of things on earth (in this case, trees) compared with the vastness of the sky.

  3. Yes, John put it perfectly for me.

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