Looking North, Rotorua, October 2014

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Oct 202014
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Celtic wisdom suggests Earth, Home, Security and Fertility are associated with this direction on the compass. Each different aspect of spirituality works with slightly different understandings but the sense here is strong for me – this view is where I grew up; with a freedom not considered today.

Constable’s clouds have always entranced me and I find myself singularly attracted to those vistas at the moment. Especially here where our skies don’t have the clarity and structure of down South. When I think of the skies here, it’s always with the “messy” adjective. A little bit wild, and changeable, and unpredictable. Just how I like them.

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  3 Responses to “Looking North, Rotorua, October 2014”

  1. Hi Jen, great image and I love your sentiments to go with it. Clouds are such an important feature of our lives and such a part of home as they are particular to that place. I’m know when I go back “home” the clouds are such a part of it and they never go unnoticed by me. Interestingly, my next post also hinges on clouds. I really relate to this image for all the reasons you have given us.

  2. Successful landscape images often emphasise clouds. Most people dont notice clouds but they do set the scene and they are an essential component of what makes “home” feel the way that it does.
    For me a huge part of the joy of photography is that it has taught me to notice

  3. Jenny, I like how you have used monochrome to emphasise the moodiness of the moment.

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