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Oct 192014
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In the UK there are so many alleyways asking to be photographed. Although such images are a bit cliché I sometimes answered the call.
In this case it was the patched up white walls that especially attracted me – along with the black converging lines at the bottom and the writing on the walls.
What was interesting for me was that I had taken it assuming it would be a back and white image. But when I converted it to black and white it lost something rather than gained something. I think it is the fact that it is naturally a black and white image with just one colour as an accent – the yellow/gold colour.

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  3 Responses to “Alleyway”

  1. Wow, I love this. Even before I read your text it was the colours and textures that did it for me. And the sense of strong walls surrounding and protecting, larger than life, then the human element minister by comparison. They become part of the texture themselves.

    • Ooh, sorry not people… the signs. The trap of looking at images on my phone. It was the texture of the signs at the end, playing off against those in the bricks, the cobbles and the the writing all so monochromatic.

  2. There are lots of elements to this picture that i like.

    The main one is the colour that you mention. Warm colours tend to jump off the page at you. However, in this case the yellow signs are distant with the distance emphasised by design elements in the image. This creates a fascinating conflicting and dynamic message which really makes the signs the key to the picture. Im not surprised that that all goes away in monochrome.

    The second feeling that i got was a conflict in the walls themselves. They seem to be old, grubby and covered in graffiti. Yet at the same time they are tidy and well cared for – there is no rubbish and there has been a recent “paintover” done. Another conflicting message.

    And the final message is that there is a beer to be had at the end of the lane. That is a very good reason to keep going down the lane. I hope you did just that John

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