Valley of the Lambs

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Oct 122014
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This is the view that I enjoyed the most during my quadbike tour.

It was lambing time and the paddock was full of newborns so we didn’t go down to the lake but the view from the ridge was fantastic.

And then the clouds parted as if to mirror the small lake…..
It was as if the land had recognised that I was there, and that I was enjoying being there, so it smiled back.

The family connection to this land is very strong and places like “Neilson Country” are a special part of Aotearoa.

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  3 Responses to “Valley of the Lambs”

  1. You have taken me back to our days with our very small sheep stud at the back of Hanmer. We had special places too. I want to find some of those images but I am stalking them! The time will have to be right. Sheep and lambs in beautiful spots go right to the heart. Lovely shot Ian

  2. This reminds me of an old Constable painting – altho, being English, he probably didn’t have any blue sky. Lovely texture.

  3. Im a bit disappointed by this image as it is here.

    The blacks in the cloud is way to black – on my computer the clouds are dark but not so overwhelming. I’m thinking that it might be the srgb conversion and its a message to check everything more thoroughly before I send it away anywhere.

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