One Red Shoe – Anne Tate

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This photograph is one of a series I made for a photo group I belong to.
I went way outside my comfort zone and decided to add some words to each image.
This one is my favourite, not least of which because it is about dancing (my other time waster).
I have had some comment about the image being “noisy” but I don’t mind that. To me it provides an old fashioned feel reminiscent of 1940-50’s.

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  5 Responses to “One Red Shoe – Anne Tate”

  1. I like this image. The noise and lack of focus means we have to use some imagination to fill in the gaps that are not entirely clear. I would encourage you to keep exploring this sort of work if you are not doing that already.
    love the tones and colour.

  2. Thanks John I appreciate your comment. It was a one off & I hadn’t considered taking it further so I will definitely give that some thought 🙂

  3. Love the image ! The ‘noise’ adds to the image and gives it atmosphere and mystery. Adding the words adds a further dimension and takes your art to a new level. Well done you for taking a creative risk which I think has definitely paid off.

  4. The grain is a huge part of this and for me really makes it.
    At first I was troubled by the dark on the left side but the more I looked the more I appreciated that it is the dark that adds the depth and mystery.
    Then the red shoe makes it sing!!!

  5. Works for me!

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