Oct 092014
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A funny thing, nostalgia.
Creeps up on you. Slips you through the looking glass.

I’ve been hankering after an Instax Mini for some time now, but there’s a few things that have higher priority at the moment. I’m not quite sure how I ended up there but suddenly, the other day, I found myself on the polaroid nz website, and discovered they sold the Impossible Project instant film, here. Now, long before Fuji bought out the latest little beauties, in one of the cleanups, most probably from the workshop, surfaced the “Job Pro” construction camera by Polaroid. Bought by Mark back from Benchmark in the 80’s or 90’s as the essential tool for the contemporary builder of the time. How better could you document your progress?!

Realizing I could get the film easily reminded me that the camera (in pristine condition) was still stashed away amongst the piles of redundant camera gear one accumulates (does anyone else do that? Or is it really just me? – just kidding. I know all photographers do that!). Order, done. Parcel, received, the very next day.

And so the next/another project begins. One I’ve been dying to start since I first discovered that wonderfully primitive magic box about 8 years ago. The one that has no focus control, smile detection that is a little etched oval of plastic that slides across *themoreplastic* lens, no shutter speed control, ISO or aperture, but DOES have exposure compensation. A little lever that slides “darker” if your print was too light, and “lighter” if your print was too dark. Hahahaha – the sophistication knows no bounds. And it has flash. Which you can turn off. Awesome.

I can’t believe the ridiculous pleasure of suddenly being able to create faded and blurred pictures like in our old albums of the 70’s. Not quite sure what it is, but I do know that it slips me back through the looking glass.

And now I can do emulsion lifts. Been dying to do that for a long time too.

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  1. Have fun, Jen. I look forward to your creations. It will be exciting to go back to not knowing what the image will be like and being slowly creative and waiting for the image to appear as you watch.

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