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Oct 052014
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That feeling on emptiness…..aloneness. We all know it.

This space is empty and alone……..but oh the potential.

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  3 Responses to “Empty”

  1. I think I understand what you mean about emptiness, Ferg. But I guess I am lucky in that an empty space is an invitation to me to put something in there – as you so, oh the potential.
    Love the geometric shapes and the soft graduated tones.

  2. This looks like it needs some images on the wall. Perhaps some life size environmental portraits – square crop would be perfect!!!

    Compared to Tonys version of this I enjoy that you have included the floor. That gives a greater feeling of empty space.

  3. I suppose an architect designed this Ferg, someone like Marc built it, but congratulations that you have captured the magic of the shapes, the focal point and the light potential.

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