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  5 Responses to “Molten”

  1. Colour, texture, flow – all get me in a deep place Pauline.

  2. Pauline, this is stunning. I would love to see it printed. The soft curving lines have a lovely balance with the softer strong colour above.

    • It’s unlikely that it will get printed. My epson 4900 printer has just decided to have a completely blocked printhead. New one plus installation and recalibration is around the $3000 mark. An entire new printer is only $4500. However, I’m working on a solution that involves ammonia, soaked cloths and a bit a kiwi can do. Wish me luck.

      • Good luck. I hope I do not have the same problem when I return after four months away.

        • That doesnt sound right Pauline. My 3800 is a similar machine and a completely new print head only cost $7-800ish. Good luck with the ammonia though

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