Paulines Tree

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Oct 012014
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My visit with Pauline and Blue was absolutely fantastic and way too short.

A highlight for me was a tour of the farm on quadbikes. This area, just north of Whanganui, is on the edge of the “Tiger Country” that I used to enjoy flying over when I was on Skyhawks at Ohakea. I thoroughly enjoyed getting up close to the landscape.

As we approached a ridge Pauline said “Ive got a tree to show you – Its my favourite on the property”. The tree is in the bottom of the next valley and seems to be hiding in its own secret spot. Perhaps that’s how it survived.

Standing at its base it dominates the area and towers over the other bush.

Thankyou for taking me there Pauline. It is a special place on a special property.

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  1. Ian, looking at this image has reminded me that trees are a statement about the history of the area they stand in. You would have understood this for a long time. I have been a bit slow to fully appreciate the fact and I guess I came more fully to this realisation when viewing the image and was reminded of our visit to Sherwood Forest a week ago.
    If Pauline’s tree could talk it would have an interesting story to tell.
    Great subject beautifully captured.

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