the gap

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Sep 232014
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bridging the gap between modern and ancient culture. PNG 2012

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  3 Responses to “the gap”

  1. It must be great to be able to look up and see what is happening above the water. Like your idea of the gap.

  2. For some reason, although the colour is clearly cool, I get a feeling of warmth from this picture. Perhaps its my brain telling me that im looking up at the sun. I guess I should forget about understanding it and simply enjoy it

  3. Looks like you were still in the water after Ann got out 😉
    Ian’s comment, too, is interesting – I get the same feeling. I can imagine myself there and it feels warm. Regardless of the fact that we knew you were in tropical waters. I can’t figure it out either, so I’ll just keep imagining that it’s me there instead of you Tim.

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