A Grand Old Lady

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Sep 202014
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She has been there and done that. She is a bit quirky but is full of character and lots of fun.

When I visited she showed that she can be a bit temperamental if not regularly pampered. She needed a bit of extra juice to get her sparking but once she was up and running she didn’t miss a beat.

The old lady is an absolute pleasure to be with, she turns eyes and is always the center of interest.

And that’s the way she likes it………….

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  7 Responses to “A Grand Old Lady”

  1. Ah the photographers eye sees more than what appears before the lens.

  2. Like the wide angle effect Ian. Lovely tones and colours.

  3. This image screams enjoyment and happiness and fun even without your words

  4. Well done love the perspective you have here, very much a fun image.

  5. Hopefully, this time!
    I loved this and I love the way that the choice of perspective/lens completely changes the sense we get of what we’re looking at. This becomes dreamlike and cartoony and fun as our brain endeavors to make the links to make “sense” of what it’s seeing.

    A wonderful story.

  6. I am sure she enjoyed your presence as well Ian.
    Intriguing effect too, the foreground appears wide angled yet the background much less so.

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