Urban Landscape – Russ McLean

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Sep 192014
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In its natural state, the landscape is a thing of intricate beauty, full of inter-relating shapes, colours, patterns & textures.

Inevitably, in order to provide for his needs (both real & perceived), man has interfered with that beauty by exploiting the resources of the natural world. But then, having exploited & often destroyed the natural, man seeks to re-create by constructing artificial beauty.

This image was made in Sydney where the natural landscape has been completely absorbed by the man-made. But however developed, the replacement landscape is not without its own aesthetic

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  4 Responses to “Urban Landscape – Russ McLean”

  1. Great image and insightful words. Thanks for sharing your Vision with us Russ.

  2. Hi Russ. I like how you have taken a feature of the building making it abstract rather than the whole building.

  3. I find the idea of “artificial Beauty” interesting.

    You are right that the beauty in a form like this, structured and regular, is completely unnatural but does have a merit of its own.

  4. Thank you Russ for joining us on aGathering, we’re always very much the richer for the input of guests.

    There is something very calming and satisfying about repeating and interlocking shapes. I love that you’ve kept the strong colour and that I can see the texture of the unadorned concrete. I want to run my hand across it and I can already imagine the smoothness and warmth of it. Not something that we generally think of when we consider “urban architecture”. The one aspect that links it back to the natural landscape for me is the dappled, reflected light from the sun across it. Its this that gives me the sense of what I’d feel if I put my palm against the concrete. It’s interesting in this instance that even though the sunlight is there, in that urban environment, many times it only exists as an image of itself. So that direct link with the “natural environment” is still only imagined.

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