Sep 142014
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I am bombarded by technology and the fast speed at which it is hitting me. Learning how to use my new smart phone with its apps and links and settings – especially the settings!!! Computer programmes are constantly being updated and upgraded and new programmes regularly arrive. My new vehicle has all the digital toys. If I knew how I could activate everything by a wave of the hand or a voice command – or even sliding an icon but not tapping it!!! I also live in the slow world – I have a wood burning fire which heats my kitchen, my water, cooks my food and keeps me grounded!

My brain is in chaos while I get myself sorted.

A few months ago I stopped doing “real” photography and let my brain rest. I only used the phone camera for capture and the Snapseed app for processing. I cleared my mind and concentrated on play with compositions with different processing. I learned the limitations of the camera and when it performs best. I got ideas for “real processing” (whatever that is!!). That phone and hence that camera is always in my pocket so I often have the best camera with me – the one available.

There is a house in Christchurch due for demolition. Its owner organised graffiti artists to cover the entire house and they have done an amazing job. This image shows a little order amongst the chaos of spray cans and graffiti. I made the image with the phone but processed it in the computer having got some ideas from Snapseed first.

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  6 Responses to “Order Amongst Chaos – Barbara Burry”

  1. Awesome image Barbara! So well seen and I love the juxtaposition and the fact it was made on a phone ….

  2. LOVE this Barbara – just logged on and had my senses assaulted! Brilliant.

    For some reason it really gives me a buzz and makes me smile, so – many thanks for that.

  3. Barbara, love the colour and detail. Great image.

  4. Hi Barbara, this works well. I like the breaking down technology idea and the resulting picture being painting with spray cans. works on a lot of levels.

  5. If this sort of vision is the result when you “get yourself sorted” then we are in for some treats.

  6. Thank you all for your feedback. It is very much appreciated

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