The Humber

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Sep 092014
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The Humber reminded me of husky dog curled up in the snow, warming itself from within and completely oblivious to the cold.

Left in the same spot a Toyota Corolla, a Nissan Sunny or a Ford Focus would have frozen and rusted away years ago. But this is from an age when things were made of sterner stuff.

It was nice to glance back at that age – but a coffee and a warm fire just over the road beckoned me.

The Humber didnt even notice my visit……

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  4 Responses to “The Humber”

  1. Hi Ian, I think you need to go back to work, your photography is getting far too good 🙂 …..

  2. Beautiful old girl, standing (still!) the test of time. Love the snow melt lines highlighting her lovely soft lines but there is a sense of strength and a toughness there too. You’ve captured the character of this ‘grand old dame’ perfectly Ian.

  3. Nice treatment of the subject Ian. I especially like the depth of field you have chosen. Been looking at it for half and hour to find the reflection of a tree – but to no avail!

  4. Thankyou everyone – I enjoyed the way this image came to life in a different environment.
    In my Lightroom catalogue I quite liked this but to see it here on aGathering it really sings. A message to get pictures out of the computer I guess!!

    John Ill give you one guess at which lens I used for this……

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