Ice on the Poolburn Dam – Vi Wilson

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Sep 082014
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At a recent Painterly Landscape workshop with Tony Bridge, I was challenged to capture that which exists between me and the landscape before me. I love grand landscapes, but on this occasion I wanted to explore the small landscape – an aspect often not considered, but significant in that the sum of the parts makes the whole. A visit to Poolburn Dam provided the opportunity to begin this exploration. I was captivated by the patterns formed in the ice – the curves, the jagged shapes, the swirls, the lines and the objects held captive. This image is part of a series and in many respects says a great deal about and for me, and how details in the landscape have content and meaning.

The only post processing has been some HSL and Brightness and Contrast, and some sharpening.

I hope you enjoy my image.

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  5 Responses to “Ice on the Poolburn Dam – Vi Wilson”

  1. Vi you have done an excellent job. There are so many interesting lines and shapes in this image. The tones are also just right. I delight in searching and spotting the small landscape and urbanscape.

  2. Great to see your image here Vi – I have always loved the little splashes of colour in this

  3. Vi, I love the spot of colour in an otherwise colourless landscape. The swirls are intriguing. Thanks you so much for sharing with us.

  4. I love the details in the ice patterns and the contrasting pieces of vegetation poking through. Great image, thanks.

  5. Thank you everyone for your heartening comments. I do love this image and several of the others that I made at the same time. The thing that disturbed me most that day was the honking of some driver’s car horn (he shall remain nameless!) telling me it was time to go. Images like this are not available to me where I live, so I find them completely fascinating.

    I apologize for the delay in responding to your comments, but I have had my brother staying for the past week, and that has been an exercise in itself.

    Thanks again for asking me to participate.

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