Curtains – Graham Dainty

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More questions in this image for me than answers. I like it but why, because I’m hiding from the scene, hiding behind the camera or making a new scene. I’ve never felt the urge to find myself or wax lyrically about something for art speak ( politely put) sake. Always been comfortable about who I am and hold no pretences, so why enjoy a voyeuristic building shot.
Maybe there is something there about country boy in big city, hotels or otherwise.

Or just a different image??

Maybe we should just enjoy our art and not get too wrapped up in it.

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  3 Responses to “Curtains – Graham Dainty”

  1. Graham, You do have a point but how about this? I think we all agree that our art says something about ourselves, some of us may confront our work and others may not. I, mostly, like to put it all out there, which might be termed “getting wrapped up in it”. I think there is place for everything but I do not enjoy pretence, it has little authenticity.

  2. Great image!

  3. Interesting and a bit different – I like it already. In my opinion, these sorts of images tend to be either a hit or total fail; this really works for me – the layer of the curtain and the shadow over the building, together with hints of building site in the middle, make it multi dimensional and give plenty to think about. Wouldn’t be my usual preference but I like the simplicity (just contradicting my previous comments) and the intrigue.

    ….. And I am resisting the temptation to be drawn into the debate you have initiated – you contentious, voyeuristic Country Boy, you.

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