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Sep 022014
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As you end up doing, Ive pointed the camera at long suffering Mrs O and caught this image. She likes it so I guess there is no better praise than that.

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  1. And that is TOP praise Ferg. I used to tell Hugh I was just practising with a new mode and wanted to see how the different settings worked and he didn’t mind posing for that and I got some great images then. All sorts of wonderful facial expressions. Otherwise he felt he was being “stalked” !!! But I can tell you that all of those images are just so important now. So keep pointing the camera at Mrs O. Wonderful eyes and expression – and of course SHARP in just the right places

  2. Ferg, I love the way you have captured the soft, gentleness of Carol. Beautiful.

  3. She is too good for you that lovely soft lady, what a lovely gem, well done your photography has changed since you improved your camera system. NICE image

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