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Aug 302014
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Can you imagine this man without his hat? I know my perception of him changes because he’s wearing this amazing hat!

We cycled to the French village of Troo and walked to the church above the village for views over the Loir River valley. He was sitting on the step at the bottom of a monument with his old, fluffy dog on a lead.

Taking photographs of people is a little more tricky in France. It’s against the law to photograph someone without their permission, though that has been challenged in court. Not wishing to get into that sort of situation I’ve been reticent to photograph people, but remembering an article I read about approaching French people with an interest in their dogs as a ‘foot in the door’, I indicated I’d like to take a photo of his dog, then asked to take a photo of them both. It was his portrait I wanted, but I wasn’t brave enough to take that extra step. One day!

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