4 trees Wedderburn

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Aug 292014
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I have seen a number of images of these trees. They are in a prominent position in the middle of a photographic wonderland.

Most of the other pictures show the trees in the midst of a harsh snow covered landscape. But there was no snow when I stood looking at them.

So what did I see.

The trees seemed distant but at the same time close enough to touch. The landscape felt harsh and rugged but also showed signs of fertility and growth. And the sky was threatening but also hinted at warmth.

What do you see?

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  4 Responses to “4 trees Wedderburn”

  1. I see a most wonderful photograph that puts me in a landscape that resonates well within my soul space.

  2. What I see is oceanic symbols. What first made me think this is the flow of the grass is like waves playing, moving up and down. The clouds resemble the froth of a crashing wave.
    Then maybe it’s because we leave for png in 2 days and my gills are starting to come out of hibernation! 🙂

  3. Pure rolling clean and green. I want to go to those trees and not ruin the environment by being there.

  4. Love this Ian. Masses of texture and interest, and the composition spot on …. you should set up a website!

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