Aug 282014
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This image started as one of those evil assignments given at a workshop to make a composite which made a statement. My initial reaction was one of not knowing what I wanted to say.
There are cliffs with reflections in the Blue Lake at St Bathans which look like animal head skeletons. We also spent time making images at the Coal Pit Dam. I took an image of the cliffs and cropped it, turned it 45 degrees and realised I had the start of my composite. I then set about gathering images which would represent the hand of man – pollution. All parts of the image come from the Maniototo except for the texture – which is from peeling paint doors in Prague!
There is ongoing debate as to the impact of man on our planet along with the various debates on evolution. These have always fascinated me, along with the debate about environment versus heredity. I happen to subscribe to the belief in evolution but also believe that man’s actions often influence its course. I am also concerned that we don’t care enough about our land and wonder how many more generations it can be sustained for. I never litter and I recycle as much as practical. This image is a statement of what we are doing to the land. The coal Pit Dam has a somewhat gloomy and ominous atmosphere which I feel that this image depicts.

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  4 Responses to “Evolution and the hand of man – Shona Jaray”

  1. Welcome again Shona! This is great. I really appreciate knowing a bit about your process as well as the story behind it. It’s really valuable for me to have those understandings when viewing such abstract work. I really like your concept too.

  2. Hi Shona. You already know my views of this image. Wonderful. Good to hear th backstory at last.

  3. Hi Shona, Photography takes on a complete new form when we move away from the literal. The story behind the creation of the image is interesting but nowhere as interesting as the feeling and emotion that you have created.

  4. This is an eerie creation Shona. It certainly expresses very well the negative things man has done to the environment.

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