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Aug 222014
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The wonders of the Fuji XT1 allowed me to capture this, otherwise unattainable, image. I was on my tippy toes with the camera as high as my arms would allow me to collect this shot. With my old Canon it wouldn’t have been possible.
It was a bit of a surprise but I love the way this scene cant be seen by other than anyone that hasn’t got a key to this carpark and when I managed to steal a shot of it there wasn’t a soul in sight.
There is something in that I guess.

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  2 Responses to “Out of View”

  1. Great image Ferg. Does your camera have that movable LCD screen? That would help you get such a balanced composition and get that bottom holding line included. And the feeling of you alone is just great isn’t it?

  2. Wow, powerful image Ferg. It’s so unusual to see an empty carpark like this. The blue paint and overpowering ceiling add to the eerieness. Very cool.

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