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Aug 202014
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  2 Responses to “Heartbreak”

  1. So sad. It makes one wonder what happened and what bigger item that part of the machinery belonged to. Pauline, that is such a clean scene very cleverly seen as a reflection (if I see it correctly ???).

    • I love this image because it is one of those glimpses you get in the middle of something bigger that is taking up most of your attention. Jenny and I were wandering the streets of New York, taking in all the sights and sounds of the big smoke, as you do when you’re country mice, and had walked past this forlorn rose hanging over a door entrance. In the middle of a sentence the whole visual picture of a jilted love sprang to mind and I composed my own story to go with the glimpsed image. Not having a big camera with me the phone had to suffice. Bless it.

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