Aug 172014
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Taken on an early morning drive from Palmerston North to Auckland.

As an art photographer I like to add elements to my images that enhance the feeling that I want the viewer to experience while looking at the image .In this particular photo I wanted the viewer to feel the dampness of the air and the warm shimmer of the first rays if sunlight .
To achieve this I used layers. There are three layers in total. One layer is the original image taken early morning. The second layer is the same scene, but I have applied Vaseline to a glass filter to give a misty watery effect. The third layer is fine foliage to add a more interesting texture.
I was really happy with the final outcome of these three layers, and feel I have achieved the effect I was aiming for. I hope you enjoy the image.

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  5 Responses to “Soaking up the first Rays – Robyn Short”

  1. Love it!

  2. Like the effect

  3. A beautiful creative impression of the house and its environment. The warmth here is very inviting and makes me want to reach out and touch the house. It just glows.

  4. Thanks for joining us Robyn! And for sharing the making; I, too, really enjoy the warmth and dreamy effects of this, and the colour palette.

  5. Another masterpiece.

    (PS. We are thoroughly enjoying your calendar at home!)

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