…. and peace finally descends

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Aug 162014
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The Aussie birds were squawking, the sun disappeared behind the horizon and turned the clouds orange, which in turn reflected off the bush. Engrossed in the colours and textures of the Aussie bush I realised that, at last, it had gone quiet. The bush was at peace and we were, at last, alone together.

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  3 Responses to “…. and peace finally descends”

  1. Must be me, the voices went quiet when I looked at your image Bruce, I see several shadow figures one looks female the other male??????. I feel I am looking through a curtain into a world I am not supposed to witness.The voices in my head don’t often go quiet, but they did, it scares me as I don’t know what they are up to.Nice image, asks more questions for me than gives answer.

  2. Beautiful colours Do like the hint of the shape / shadow of a figure. 🙂

  3. The veil. Our opportunity to see and sense things behind the reality. With the veil always comes the quiet for me too.

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