Doors, doors everywhere

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Doors have a fascination for me. I don’t really know why but I’m sure its something to do with me wanting to know whats behind them. I really wanted to go up and open this one but thought better of it.

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  4 Responses to “Doors, doors everywhere”

  1. Ferg, perhaps you could have knocked and shared your curiosity with the person who opens the door. Who knows what metaphorical doors that could have opened. Just do it!

  2. Its the shadows that I love Ferg.
    Those shadows turn what could be a friendly open door into something else – something I dont want to disturb

  3. I agree with Ian, the shadows say stay away to me, knock if you dare, go on Ferg knock dare you?

  4. That’s weird, I thought I’d posted a comment on this before we left, but maybe I imagined it!! Anyway – this is one I’d have loved to have made. I can feel the winter sun and the warmth trying to radiate from the stone. I love the textures, but most of all I love the addition of the shadow reaching out across it. For me shadows are more a reaching out than a stay away. Get ye through that door and see whats on the other side. You won’t get through if there’s nothing there for you 😉

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