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Aug 092014
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Photography brings discovery on many levels. My last few postings have been heavily philosophical and soul searching so I thought that a bit of light relief was needed. The second time this group got together to chew the fat it also included the obligatory trip to the local camera store. For some it involved purchasing a complete new set of gear and for me it involved purchasing a cable release to go with the tripod I’d bought the year before. The boys in the group will know what a BIG thing that was for me. For their benefit I thought I’d better tell the story of how the cable release had never been used since it was purchased back in March. Today I needed to do a job that involved copying many old photographs so I was pleased to be able to get out the tripod, (probably only used a dozen times since its purchase two years ago), and looked forward to being able to produce crisp copies from the photographs. But wait, there’s more. The thought springs into my mind that I have a cable release which should be used too if all the advice from fellow group members have led me to believe. Just one small technical hitch – I didn’t know where it was meant to attach to my camera. It took me some considerable minutes trying to find out where it was meant to go. Finally, there they were, a couple of little cap thingees on the side of the camera. I’m sure they had never been there before !! Great – everything works, copying is complete, good job done. Hmmm I wonder what a cable release really looks like when you photograph it. Voila, the process of my work day is complete for you to enjoy.

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  4 Responses to “Light Relief”

  1. Youve munted it with your “blurography”!!!

    Im shaking my head in disbelief – a wonderful, practical piece of engineering now munted !!!

    Oh well I guess that you are unlikely to wear it out……………..

  2. I think you have just reverted to type – and couldn’t resist the urge to create something out of the ordinary – big grin . . .

  3. Awesome!

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