Job Done, Rotorua August 2014

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Aug 042014
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For those of you who sit at the computer at 5pm waiting for the image to click over, I apologize for my last two tardy posts. Things have been happening. Just not quite in the order that fits getting my post up on time lately.

My first exhibition is up. I’ve had a frantic few weeks making work to fill a small community gallery and I’m very proud to show you some of the results tonight. Looking back over my notes and journals, the work has been coming for about 5 years, and maybe longer as I dig back through my pictures.

I’ve enjoyed the process immensely, and it has revealed more of my path. Actually making tangible works from ones and zeros is very important to me and the single minded focus necessary for working with bits of glass less than .17mm thick has been a meditation. The moment another thought was allowed to enter, I could almost guarantee a misstep would follow.

To see the finished works glow and repeat themselves under the lights, and the daylight, as I’d intended was a joy. To make works that gave me joy, and then to find that they did the same for others made it all worthwhile.

I can’t wait to pick up BRUSH again.

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  7 Responses to “Job Done, Rotorua August 2014”

  1. A huge congratulations Jen. What a huge sense of satisfaction it must be and it looks really interesting. How long is your exhibition up for?

  2. It looks beautifully presented. Hope it goes well for you. Any closeups?

  3. For all those that are seeing this image, I was there to physically see these at Jen’s opening. Unbelievably beautiful, especially these little glass prints, with the most intricate details casting wonderful shadows. Congratulations Jen…if you get a chance to see it, I would thoroughly recommend.

  4. Huge congratulations Jen, it looks awesome and Im sad that I cant just nip up and see it.

    “To make works that gave me joy” seems like the perfect reason for artmaking

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