Two Fingers

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Aug 022014
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This was at the local market we went too , I indicated to the little girl I wanted to take her picture ,she smiled & gave me her version of two fingers.

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  1. Delightful, Scott. You have a superb knack of capturing the appropriate moment. With your no chimping attitude, keeping your finger on the shutter and deleting the ones that didn’t work you create some beauties – especially of children. I love it

  2. Peekaboo! Very sweet

  3. Scott, a delightful portrait. Shows wonderful character and I LOVE the jandalled feet in the background, a wonderful touch that allows one to infer so much.

  4. There is a brilliant honesty in these island market places.

    They look a bit rough compared to what we are used to but the happiness of the people shines through in the smiles that you see everywhere.

    This little girl captures it all

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