Aug 012014
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As those who know me know, one of my favorite things in the world is being underwater.
The last day of the last diving trip Tim and I made was a particularly special day to me in my life. On one of the 4 dives we made that day, our good friend Albert (one of the best 3 dive guides I’ve met in my 30 years of diving) and I were laying on the sand on the bottom of the ocean waiting for this wee fish (goby) and it’s shrimp to come out of the hole where it lives.
Gobies are very shy, this Yellownose Shrimpgoby in particular. It’s around 2 inches/5cm long. So for an hour, Albert and I waited and waited laying on our bellies in the sand on the bottom of the ocean – eye on the hole and finger on the shutter release. More than once, I’ve waited an entire dive with nothing. On this day, our perseverance paid off and we were rewarded when both the goby and its blind shrimp appeared in a photo – ONE – at the same time! When I pressed the button on the housing/camera and this photo appeared, both Albert and I screamed underwater. The image I have in my head of that moment is – if you picture the entire earth in the Universe, Albert and I being just a speck of that….but my delight was as big as the entire Universe.

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  4 Responses to “Yellownose Shrimpgoby – Ann Worthy Stephenson”

  1. Ann, awesome photo and your excitement is infections. Well done ….

  2. Great image Ann. Result of the two “P”s in photography – persistence and patience – so the ‘right time’ comes to you.

  3. They goby looks super grumpy which I love.

    Im looking forward to seeing a new batch of these soon.

  4. Thats cool, story and pic

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