Through The Looking Glass

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Jul 182014
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Seeing Through the Looking Glass.
In my exploration of the Archetypes I have been led on a most wondrous journey. I guess for some of you that my ramblings over the last few posts have been of no interest but for me it has been a most electrifying study and gathering of wisdoms that echo through time. I am loving it. On the way I have met some hugely challenging ideas that initially my very little brain wanted to reject out of hand but there has been another voice that seems to come through me that asks me to stay. Stay and think about what I am hearing. It asks me to be ready for glimpses through the looking glass and I am beginning to see some beautiful sights. They are illusive and vague but are beginning to appear.

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  2 Responses to “Through The Looking Glass”

  1. Pauline, I believe being open and trusting are most important aspects of life. Your image and title remind me of this.

  2. Pauline, this image shows revelation. Great visual explanation of the journey you describe. I want to know more…..

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