Jul 152014
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This image is from the first year of my “diamond decade” project. I have divided the UK into 10 regions and will visit and photograph each region in Autumn and Spring, my two favourite seasons, hoping to complete the trip by the time I am 70. This particular photograph was taken on the edge of Stowes Hill on Bodmin Moor. On this particular evening I decided to stay on the moor until virtually nightfall and was rewarded with this tear in the clouds that produced a most eery light that gave the stones a purplish hue and acted as a spotlight onto the level areas of the moor below the abandoned distant quarry.

Brian is a member of the Witney Photographic Group, in the UK.

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  3 Responses to “Spotlight on Bodmin Moor – Brian Lee”

  1. Great idea for a project Brian. And this is a super start.

    There is a depth in the image that draws me to wonder what is over the next ridge

  2. Thank you for choosing to share this image with us, Brian – I know you had many to choose from!

    Bodmin Moor is lovely and your image shows us a stunning aspect of this interesting and beautiful area.

  3. Although I am more an urban photographer, I strongly identify with having a project. I like the seasonal and geographical aspect of what you are doing. Good luck and much success.

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