Nature’s carving

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Jul 142014
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Walking along the beach with some special people yesterday this little scene caught my eye. I marvelled at how nature had managed to create such delicacy in the sand and the wood. The wood ground into shape over a long period of time and the sand patterns created that day. Their relationship is intimate as neither would exist without the other and each day the slate is cleaned and a new edition created, each one different. How I wish for this level of productivity in my own art.

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  4 Responses to “Nature’s carving”

  1. Dragon’s eye. Another one where the sense of scale is not immediately defined and this could be huge or very small. It was only your words that gave the clue. I love the detail, such delicate curling and defining of layers and that sense of the clean slate every day. Something that is so important to remember in creating our own reality.

  2. For me, Bruce, it talks about unravelling time – one layer of wood at a time. Which is, of course, one year for each layer. Nature slowing builds but can, at times, strip away much faster. I think this says something about the force of nature and about impermanence.

  3. Subtle yet striking image Bruce and startling simplicity as we have often discussed. It is a work in progress and natures own 365 project perhaps?!

  4. One of the mantras I keep trying to remember when I am out photographing is “simplify simplify simplify” – you have done well and not included anything that is unnecessary

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