Jul 132014
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Some time ago – probably a year to be exact – I sat in this same spot doing a telephone box exercise. Staying within a metre and making pictures. Actually in this instance we spent 15 mins just contemplating, feeling the cold creep around my feet and begin slithering up my legs. 15 mins writing about what entered the consciousness as a result, and then 15 mins making a picture.

Of course the first thing that entered mind was the cold. But once I got past that it was the branches drifting in and out of my vision. Except last year I couldn’t make the picture of what I really felt. Mind was too much in the way still.

This year I have felt a new sense of quietness and I find myself making quiet pictures. As I sat and contemplated the view in front of me I watched these same branches drifting in and out of focus as the gentle breeze blew backwards and forwards across the lake. I knew that I wanted that sense of drifting and and the rhythm of being gently pushed to and fro by waves and wind. But always I want to have something firm in my picture, something sharp. It took quite some time to find the right way to make the picture and I found I lost myself in the process, totally focussed on the movement of the branches and I was happy.

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  4 Responses to “Softsharp Coalpit Dam, Naesby June 2014”

  1. “Happy” is,exactly what I see in this image

  2. Jen, that is one of the things I love about photography – losing oneself in the making is often even better than the satisfaction of having a completed image.

  3. The mind! Friend or foe? To be controlled or set free? It’s what makes us unique and so exciting. It is why we have art. I love this expression of Jenny.

  4. The leader standing fast, with those behind on the move….those soft tones show me the peace you were feeling.

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