……. sometimes colour is best

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Jul 122014
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I tried hard with black and white but sometimes colour is best.

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  4 Responses to “……. sometimes colour is best”

  1. yes John, sometime the distraction or confusion of colour is required to make an image work ,unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately we now have the choice>

  2. This is really about perfect simplicity. The color (since you are in the US) adds the exclamation point.

  3. Black and white is teaching me about colour. And this teaches me more too – I love the way these colours play against each other, and the graduations within them. Painting requires many decisions in this sense but I believe that we as photographers can learn from that too.

    • Yes Jenny. I liked how the colours played against each other and the graduations you refer too. It was actually the back end of a rocket booster of a space shuttle but the original detailed image did not work either as a record shot or from an aesthetics point of view. So I muddied up a bit and blurred it to get the painterly feel. Bit different from my usual approach!

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