The Joker

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Jul 072014
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The archetype known as the cosmic joker comes into play when we think we have our act together, that life is good, we’ve got it sorted. Then bingo – life throws a curve ball and its all turned to custard.

It’s all part of that disastrous, delightful, damnable and delicious paradox we call life.

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  3 Responses to “The Joker”

  1. Pauline? your friends poem “why would god be so clumsy” comes to mind. Thinking of you whatever the curve ball might be.

  2. We all know about curve balls and I trust that you will take up the challenge and hit it out of the park

  3. And maybe it’s there to remind us to look inside for the strength that we need. And the power that we have. And the truth that we know that we already hold.

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