The Marina

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Jul 052014
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These piles are part of a marina which was destroyed by a southerly blast and never rebuilt.

John and I went there for a technical play. We compared a couple of lenses and mucked around with neutral density filters.

This image appeared on my computer a couple of weeks later as again I played with some photoshop techniques.

So I didnt tell any story about the marina, I didnt pre-visualise any final image during the capture phase and I didnt really have a plan when I sat at my computer.

And yet I made an image that I really enjoy

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  8 Responses to “The Marina”

  1. So do we always need to previsualise??? You know that sometimes by just playing we can create something we like, have fun and learn something new! And you have done some of that with this image. Your experience has helped your play and your capture! I like the balance in this image – strong group on left well offset by the single post close to the edge on the right.

  2. I like the whole dynamic thing you have going here Ian, I have come back to this image several times, asking myself would it be stronger as a B&W , you know me, but i believe it is one of those images that needs the distraction of colour even thought it is subtle, but it is needed. Nice

  3. Love, love, love. Enough said.

  4. beautifully seen. great composition, use of shoe, texture and colour, which all work very well for me.

  5. Thanks guys
    Scott one of the stages this went through was B+W and I agree that when the colour doesn’t say the right thing it causes more harm than good. However I decided to introduce my own vision of the colour that works and, for me, the image came to life. Not purist perhaps but I’m not exactly pure.

  6. You will not be surprised I like this image. Ian, often I treat what is in front of me as the raw material, a starting point, for a final image that may or may not directly represent ‘the real world’.

  7. I’m with Ferg – this caught my eye from a thumbnail in The Gallery. Beautiful image Ian.

  8. I’ve come to this one after first seeing John’s more recent colour image, and here you have almost the exact same colour and texture effect that looks so painterly. I love it. And it has sharp 😉 I love the graduations of texture within a colour, and the graduations from one colour to the next, with the strong graphic counterpoints. Glad you like it. It’s one I’d love to have large on my wall.

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