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Jun 282014
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This is a portrait I produced of Dirk De Ridder, a Professor of the Neurosurgery Dept of the Dunedin School of Medicine.
I arrived for the shoot and was told in no uncertain terms that I only had him for 10 minutes and they then gave me a photo of the previous professor that they wanted replicated. About that stage I wanted to run for the hills but that just wasn’t an option. I had to just suck it up, try bullshiting my way through it and hope we got something usable. This is what i ended up with.
Im happy with the results.
It turned out that he is a lovely man and would have given me all day if it wasn’t for the fact, as he said it, “Ive got lives to change”. Made my issues and fears seem so insignificant.

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  3 Responses to “Fear”

  1. I seem to remember having quite a few discussions about you and portraiture. I’m delighted to see this wonderful evidence that the wheels are in motion. Looking forward to more traction.

  2. You do this very well Ferg. I, like Pauline, look forward to more.

  3. You know the worst thing about fear? Most of the time we are the only ones that think we can’t do it. Everyone else knows that we can. You have such a wonderful way with people I can’t imagine how you’d not make a great picture. Glad to see these out there!

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