Holy Walls – Mark Hamilton

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These images were taken while travelling through Israel & Palestine last year. I was intrigued by the significance of two major walls that can be found there, one being the Western Wall located in Jerusalem and the other the Separation Wall found on the border lands of the Palestinian territories. One wall is adorned with worshippers, the other adorned with images supporting the struggle against the occupation of the West Bank region. The significance of these walls has a profound effect on the people that live with them.

The top two images show a Jewish man praying at the wailing wall, his face turned toward the wall which offers him the right to freedom of expression and religious salvation and the promise of eternal life.
The bottom image shows a young Palestinian boy in a refugee camp in Bethlehem. His back turned towards the wall that surrounds his existence, a wall that restricts his right to freely travel and work and makes him a prisoner in his own land living under occupation.


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  3 Responses to “Holy Walls – Mark Hamilton”

  1. Mark, you make your statement very well. Having grown up in a country where race or colour opened or closed doors to freedom I can really relate to this. Thank you for reminding us of our freedoms. I try never to take my freedoms for granted.

  2. The two faces tell a great story – one looking for something and the other turned away.

    However I was drawn the most by the portrait painted on the bottom wall.

    I “googled” Leila Khaled and spent half an hour watching a fascinating documentary telling the story of the young Palistinian hijacker. I find it very sad that her struggle continues with no end in sight.

  3. I find these images deeply moving and part of me celebrates the eye of the photographer who had the humanity to read the situations and the artistry to present them to us. By making our images we can share them with others who are given the opportunity to share that one person’s insightful moment. It is indeed powerful when those images hold you there in front of them and cause you to generate so many more questions and the desire to try and find answers to them. Well done Mark.

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