Faster and faster

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Jun 172014
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Sometimes life seems to be flashing passed far quicker than you can control. How do we stop to get off………

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  4 Responses to “Faster and faster”

  1. Breathe. Long and deep and slow.
    I feel like it is rushing past so fast I’m missing it. Do we run to catch up, or just find the space and let it zip past us?
    This has beautiful colours and the colour and texture in the foreground is just gorgeous. I want to reach out and touch it. Thank you.

  2. Turn the clocks back like the speedo on the car! OR walk backwards! I can assure you it gets EVEN faster the older you get, Ferg. You can choose how fast to move the camera to create motion blur OR you can try not to remember what happened a year ago and think it was only yesterday!! Just don’t get confused by it all!

  3. Take a deep breath and smell the roses and all will be well. Lovely peaceful image.

  4. I think your image is a ‘treatment’ for ‘Faster and faster’, Ferg. It’s calming and slowing, to me. It’s beautiful.

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