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Continuing the exploration on archetypes I have been considering the relationship between Turangawaewae , Kaupapa and Tikanga and what I currently understand about archetypes and our interaction with them.
(Turanga – standing place / waewae – feet) . The places where we feel empowered and connected, our foundation, our place in the world, our home.
Kaupapa are “first principles” that are brought into one’s consciousness. These principles or values act as a foundation upon which actions and behaviours are conducted. These ensuing actions and behaviours can be termed tikanga depending upon the degree to which they are in alignment with the natural pathways emanating from the kaupapa itself.
Kaupapa is important in the life of the individual and their community. It is by sharing in a common kaupapa that the individual and their community find the answers to life’s great questions, and also by which they are able to find inspiration and validation for the actions taken in their lives. These concepts are similar to our understanding of values and ethics in western philosophy.
Creation myths in Aotearoa have Māui fishing up the land from under the sea. In some versions this is the creative act, it is through the fishing up of the land that the world is created. Symbolically this could be seen as the word kaupapa encapsulated in the image of land rising through water. That is, Papatuanuku moving through water is analogous to a kaupapa rising in one’s consciousness. Māui fishing up the land is symbolic of the individual’s ability to draw up a kaupapa, a base of values within one’s consciousness.

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  3 Responses to “Kaupapa”

  1. Pauline, lovely food for thought. You have explained this very well and I will spend much time digesting and thinking about how it applies in my life. The connection with your image is wonderful. I am loving your current exploration.

  2. I’m enjoying the exploration too even though it scares me most of the time. I’m never certain where the next image will come from let alone the words. It takes my breath away whenever I start working this stuff. It touches something well below the skin surface for me.

    • Pauline, that is good. we do not stretch ourselves unless there is a bit of trepidation, fear, or whatever you want to call it. Getting out of the comfort zone, so to say.

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