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Jun 092014
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The last of my ‘set’ on images of people.
Tim has extolled the virtues of doing sets and I did one on the Moeraki Boulders – picking a theme. But with this set on people the reason for choosing this topic was to force me to think more about a photographic topic that has not been strongly in my thoughts. Although there are many aspects to people photography, what emerged for me was the aspect of distance. The first image (People 1) was a close up of my granddaughter – strong engagement with the viewer. the next (People 2) was a middle distance shot which shows someone in their environment and their response to the environment through their body language.
This image is obviously taken at a distance from the people. For me the people at this distance are more a representation of mankind in the natural environment.
Having a little more understanding on the aspect of distance might lead to some improvement in my images of people.

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  1. Before I read your words I noted a couple of words that summed up the image for me. I wrote vast open and distant. Then I read your comments and that was exactly what you were after.

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