Conflicted feelings

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I ride a scooter and nothing annoys me more that having it blown over by the Wellington wind. When I made this image I was conflicted because I felt empathy for the owner while laughing at the poor bugger because it was not my scooter, this time. And no, I did not put it back on it’s stand as it would have been blown over again …. I just made a photo to record my conflicted feelings and perhaps a prejudice or two ….

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  8 Responses to “Conflicted feelings”

  1. My first though was that there had been a crash…………….

    Perhaps that’s just a reflection of my conflicted feelings

  2. Haha, MY first thought, before I read your text was how far did you go for your art? Did you go over and push the scooter over yourself to complete the picture. Would you have? Maybe not given your experiences, but would anyone else?

    • How could you even think that of me Jenny? You will see that the image is a bit soft. I took heaps of them hoping for at least sharp one – the wind was HOWLING. On this occasion there was no need for me to be naughty to make a photograph.

  3. Oh darling, darling, darling …..

  4. I found myself being intrigued by the crashed bike and the upmarket background. This image certainly raises more questions than the “story” tells us at first glance. A well seen piece of street photography imho

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